Our Story

On a beautiful summer day in 2012 my wife and I went out for a bike ride and we got nailed with an unexpected rain.  By the time we raced back to our home every room was soaked!  After several times of us calling our neighbors to go in our home and close our windows we started searching for a product that was not a permanent fixture on the outside of our home and would not hinder our windows.  

After a couple of weeks of searching and coming up empty that's when we began brainstorming a product that would allow us to leave our windows open while preventing the rain from coming in.  We knew our product needed to install/remove easy and was invisible from the outside.  So after 2 years and many prototypes we came up with the product and began the patent process.  

Today our product is manufactured in Medina, Ohio where our employees make each and every piece. So when purchasing our product you can rest assured you will receive a great long lasting product while also receiving outstanding customer service.  We pride our self on making sure each and every one of our customers are completely satisfied.

Our Mission:

To treat every one of our customers like our employees and provide outstanding customer service.  After all, it is our customers that are allowing us to do what we love to do!