Amazon Customer 
Excellent product, well made. Installation Instructions might be clearer. In measuring the molding strips, manufacturer advises to slide awning to the width of the window, then measure and cut the molding strips. I found that the item should be temporarily installed, then measure and cut the molding strips.When installing the item, additional clearance is needed to slide the side arms in place to the window. If you cut the molding to the manufacturer's instructions, you will need to trim 1/4" off the molding strip to provide the additional clearance for the side arms. I expect this awning will last many years in the window in my shed that provides ventilation. Now I can leave the window open at all times and not worry about rain entering the shed during the rainy season in Florida. Problem solved thank you!

Amazon Customer 

Very good! Will make my summer with no AC much nicer.

This works great! And it's so easy. Slide the window sash up, insert the guard, extend the guard sideways until it grips the window frame, then lower the sash again. It takes 10 seconds to install.

I have an old home with no AC, so getting a nice cross-breeze is essential in summer. Sadly, the window that catches the best breeze also catches the most rain. Even worse, the window opens right onto a wide ledge, so water that splashes upwards from the ledge also bounces through the window. I could never leave that window open while I was gone, for fear of returning to a soaked house, and never in even the lightest of rains.

Today my town got its first big rain since I installed the Rain Guard. Its outside-facing plates are covered in water (meaning water came through my screen, as usual) but not a drop made it past the Guard and into the house! But fresh air still comes in. I am so glad!

Bobbie Wilinski (Broadway, VA) 

Another repeat customer!  Bought two Invisible Awnings - love them!  We had a ton of rain last week and those were the only two windows I could have open. I love a product that lives up to it's promise. Would like to purchase 10 more

Amy Mione (Copley, OH) 

I was forced to place the head of my bed under my window in my new home and was worried that I would have to keep the window closed all of the time.  I found Invisible Awning and am so glad I did!  I received it within a couple of days, securely packaged, it was ridiculously easy to install, and I have been able to sleep every night with the windows open without worrying that my bedding or carpeting would get wet.  Just today when I left for work it was raining and I didn't even consider closing the window.  This is truly an amazing, affordable solution to a common problem.  Excellent customer service, great product, what more can you ask for?

Jeannie Price (Seattle, WA) 10/16/2015

It rained really hard last night so I had all three units in use. Very, very nice

Donna Burgess (Cleveland, OH) 9/24/2015

I got an invisible awning for my window, it simply goes inside the window. keeps the rain out, and the fresh air in no worries. a must have if you enjoy the fresh air in your home.. on the warm days it rains.

Vincent Gallo, (Wellington, FL) 7/21/2015

I ordered an invisible awning and apparently measured wrong - too short. I called to find out if they had a wider unit and was told they had extension parts and upon payment they would ship. Good,honest people to do business with.

Debbie Markley (Cleveland, OH) 7/15/2015

After leaving my windows open during a storm, all the rooms on the north side of my house were soaked. Window sills, floors, and night stands. What a mess. I decided to try Invisible Awning. Installation was quick and easy, even for me. The very next day, we had more storms, and I wasn't home at the time. When I got home, I checked the area around my open windows, and, to my surprise, everything was dry. Thank You Invisible Awning!

Tom Worswck (North Carolina) 7/11/2015

Great product, instructions are useless.  It took me four tries to measure, cut and install strips before I got a proper fit.  I gave up on instructions and placed unit in window, measured length of strips required, installed strips and unit back in window with perfect fit!

Brenda Bowser (Brooklyn, OH) 5/25/2015

Have this great invention in my Brooklyn, Ohio home. I can leave and not worry if it rains. Fresh air no costly electric bills. I love this.

Judy Fryer (Newburgh Hts, OH) 5/16/2015

Used mine today; totally pleased with the results

Barb Taylor (Cleveland, OH) 4/12/2015

These are great!  Purchased 7 Invisible Awnings for my windows that get most of the weather and I can now leave my home with my windows open without turning on the A/C when rain is expected.  Definitely well worth the cost!